Abrasive Blasting & Painting

SAFAMI has two 3,240 m2 blast cleaning and painting facilities located in Al-Khobar and Jubail. Our blast cleaning and coating is done using mobile equipment to accommodate all job sizes and shapes.

Corrosion Control and Industrial Painting Services:

Surface Preparation:

Our Surface Preparation Standards, used prior to painting steel surfaces, are all Swedish Standard (SIS 055900-1967), which can be from SA 1 to SA 3.

Blasting Facility

Abrasives Used:

  • 1.Sand
  • 2.Garnet
  • 3.Steel and Chilled Iron Grit

Painting Services

Our painting services span a comprehensive range of anti-corrosion protective coatings which include zinc silicate primers, epoxies and polyurethane systems.

Examples of the various types of structures coated by SAFAMI are:

  • Pipe fabrications (internal and external)
  • Pressure vessels (internal and external)
  • Tanks (internal and external)
  • Structural Steel (internal and external)

All blast cleaning and painting is continually monitored by our QA/QC staff, from the initial preparation phase through the coating operations and up to the final stage before it is shipped to the customer.