HR Strategy

Our Human Resources Department plays a vital role in our strategic endeavors, focusing its attention on people-related strategies and in establishing effective human capital management systems and processes that support our business goals and objectives.

At SAFAMI, we always keep our focus in acquiring and retaining the right people. It is our policy to help employees develop their full potential through systematic career planning and investments opportunities. We focus our attention on business results and measurable indicators of performance. To this end, we have developed a performance management system that helps us pinpoint high-performers and a compensation and reward system that is fair and results-based. Apart from basic salaries and entitlements, we offer performance-based bonuses and incentives, extended benefits to family members, recognition and awards, and opportunities for promotions and career advancement. Most of all, we continuously exert efforts to maintain a productive and safe working environment for our employees, and supporting a culture that encourages innovation, collaboration and significant attention to service quality.

We support Saudi Arabia’s quest for Saudization and the Rezayat Group’s commitment to corporate social responsibility through the job and apprenticeship opportunities that we offer to talented Saudis. We continually partner with government agencies and private institutions in providing opportunities to the growing number of youths in Saudi Arabia as well as extending employment to women. It is our belief that every successful business is powered by happy and dedicated employees, and the same philosophy applies in dealing with our clients: always deliver an optimum level of service and commitment through our pool of talented and committed professionals.